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Ashtanga Yoga ~ First Series. This discipline of yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois is a specific sequence of poses that begin with Sun Salutations, progresses into standing poses, followed by seated poses and concludes with the finishing sequence and savasana. Ashtanga Yoga flowing practice that balances core, arm and leg strength along with whole body flexibility and balance. In Ashtanga Yoga, it is said;  ”Where there is no effort there is no benefit.”  Hence, a certain amount of effort is required in this class. Strength, Stamina and Sweat are unique aspects of Ashtanga yoga, seemingly contrary to Western perceptions of yoga. This class is taught in the short form. Beginners and those with injuries are welcome to attend Ashtanga Yoga classes. Mysore style practice will take place as there is interest.

Bikram Hot Yoga (modified)  ~ We’ve modified this popular Hot Yoga practice to accommodate spine, knee & other joint injuries. This routine class consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. The room temperature of this class is about 100°F. Please bring your mat, water & a towel. (Regular class = 90 min.  Short Form = 60 min.)

Blue Mts.  Hot Yoga – Blue Mountain’s Method  ~  This Hot Yoga Class is our Signature Yoga Class that includes a routine sequence of 30+ poses, and 3 specific breathing techniques in a heated classroom, of 100 degrees. Strengthen and de-stress your body! Find your own balance of applied effort while stretching out tense and stress areas in your body. All poses are very safe for those with sciatica, back, hip and knee injuries. The room temperature of this class is about 100°F. Please bring your mat, water and a towel. (Regular class = 90 min.  Short Form = 60 min.)

Meditation  ~  A guided mindfulness meditation class for all abilities. In mindfulness meditation, we strive to achieve a quiet mind that is stable and calm. With practice we learn to access this calm, yet alert state easily. Mediation has been shown to reduce stress, lower high blood pressure, aid in a restful night sleep, and develop inner calmness. This comes with practice and time.  There is no charge to attend this class, this is call Dana. The act of dana acknowledges that some things are priceless and meant to be available to all.

Restorative Yoga  ~  Excellent for all levels of ability. From the beginner to seasoned yoga practitioner, students are guided step by step, in and out of gentle, therapeutic poses to support the bodies endocrine system. Support of the endocrine and other body systems are why some health care providers suggest yoga for health and stress management. Bolsters, blankets and other props are used to support, balance and comfort each student. This a perfect option for anyone dealing with, or recovering from surgery, illness and injuries of all kinds. Excellent for anxiety, depression, addictions, auto-immune deficiencies, stress, CFS, Fibromyalgia, grief and pain. Enjoy a 20 minute restorative relaxation.

Turbo Yoga – (a Hot class)  ~  Relax, and cross train with this Ashtanga Yoga based class. An excellent low-impact, fun, cross training for athletes or anyone wanting to gain strength and flexibility. The classroom is heated, and there is a gentle focus is on core, upper body strength and balancing poses all with a good dose of humor and fun. Athletes and non-athletes will benefit from this yoga class for an EXCELLENT cross-training tool and to avoid any plateau in your fitness and/or training routine. The room temperature of this class is 110°F. Please bring a towel & your H2O.  This is not the easiest yoga class but beginners are welcome & encouraged to attend!

Warm Vinyasa Yoga  ~  The Warm Vinyasa class is a slower paced class in a toasty warm room. Each breath helps connect one pose to the next in a flowing connection of a wide variety of poses to help recharge and gain fluidness in your body. Special emphasis is placed on moving in and out of postures with the breath, helping to quiet the chatter of the mind to find peace and inner stillness. Vinyasa yoga can be an inviting class for the beginning student to learn the basics of a moving yoga practice. The mellow side of this class encourages your body to relax, and sooth your worries away.

Yin Yoga  ~  Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga. Poses are held for a longer period of time, compared to active yoga styles. With a more meditative approach to yoga, Yin Yoga targets fascia along with other deep connective tissues of the body.

Yoga for your Core  ~   This yoga class targets the stabilizing muscles, connective tissue and structure of our body referred to as the ‘core’.  Core in reference to anatomy goes far beyond the abdominal muscles.  Specific yoga poses, correct posture and body mechanics are engaged collectively to target your body’s primary stabilizers, AKA your core.

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